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Experience the new thing, the next-gen thing. The electric energetic majestic e-bike you will want to take a selfie with and ride with pride, for a healthier life and a greener planet.
Make a move with our e-bikes, and flaunt your smart choice. Flaunt your style, flaunt your speed, flaunt your smile, flaunt the power! And be prepared for the stares as you zip past the world full throttle and people are left in awe.
Want it, Flaunt it!

Choose your Riding Style


Simply twist and go at 25km/hr with Throttle mode. 100% electric mode, experience the full power of battery.


Pedal with upto 90% electric assist. Choose the electric support you need out of 3 settings – high, medium, low.


Glide at constant speed of 6km/hr at the push of a button. No pedaling required, 100% electric.


Ride the convectional way, all mechanical power. Pure pedaling, no electric support. Save battery.

Electrifying Features


The powerhouse of an e-bike, Our Li-ion batteries are BIS certified and IP67 rating makes them water repellent and provides 100% dust protection, to ensure you ride carefree in all weathers.


Our e-bikes come fitted with a high torque, 250W BLDC motor. Highly efficient and more torque per watt. Powerful performance with silent operation and a longer life.

LED Display

Manage all functions of your e-bike with the handy LED display. Switch the battery on-off or toggle between 4 modes, the IP65 rated display does it all eamlessly in all weathers.


Fit your e-bike with the LED headlamp and never go dark again. With the high intensity lumination you receive from the headlamp, riding early mornings or late nights gets easier.

Stay connected with

Get the i-SMART APP for a connected experience while you ride. Get all your ride stats – speed, distance covered, calorimeter, range and much more handy on your mobile at a button’s click.

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