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Pedelec Mode - Hero Lectro


Battery Assisted pedaling

icon-battery 90%
  • yourmode


    Battery Assisted pedaling

    icon-battery 90%
  • Throttle Mode - Hero Lectro


    Twist & go at 25km/hr

    icon-battery 100%
  • Cruise Mode - Hero Lectro


    Glide at your speed

    icon-battery 100%
  • Pedal Mode - Hero Lectro


    Powered by you

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Hero Lectro F6i



"My F6i is quite versatile. Part of my daily exercise and weekend outings"

Brajesh Khare, October 2021

Hero Lectro F3i



"It's a head turner for its own premium aesthetic design"

Ankit Shinde, September 2021

Hero Lectro F2i



"My traffic king helps me throttle through the traffic"

Guru Prasad, October 2021

Hero Lectro C9



"Life with my Hero Lectro is convenient and environment friendly"

Gaurav Gautam, August 2021

Hero Lectro C8i



"My Red Dragon makes me fly like a bird"

Ajith Kumar, October 2021

Hero Lectro C5



"Best way to start my day is early morning ride on Hero Lectro"

Rohit Shirsat , September 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an electric cycle?

A cycle with battery-powered assistance is known as an electric cycle. This makes pedaling very simple and enables you to travel far distances without becoming overly exhausted. E-cycles or electric cycles are, in a nutshell, a great compromise between cycles and conventional bikes. They are environmentally friendly and offer a wealth of financial and health advantages.

Q2. What are the perks of riding an electric cycle?

Owning a charging bicycle in India has many advantages, including being economical and friendly to the environment.
  • Low cost of maintenance.
  • Beneficial to the environment.
  • Regular use keeps you in shape.
  • Simple to use.
  • Hero Lectro’s portable battery design makes charging incredibly simple.
  • Some e-cycles also have warranties that ensure product quality.
  • There is no need for a license or registration.

Q3. What are the various riding modes of an e-cycle?

A Hero Lectro e-cycle has 4 riding modes:
  • Ride conventionally using only mechanical power : pedal
  • Get electric support while pedaling, a modern form of pedal assistance technology : Pedelec
  • Consistently move at a speed of 6 km/h : Cruise
  • There is no need to pedal, you can just switch to the twist and go mode : Throttle

Q4. How does an e-cycle get charged?

It is simple to charge electric cycles. Even the ones in your home or office will work—you simply need to plug them into a socket. A detachable battery is another feature that some e-cycles, like our Hero Lectro C5x, Hero Lectro C8x and Hero Lectro F3i, have, which makes charging them very simple.

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