Cycle Gears That Make Commute Easier

Lectro E-BikesRabani Singh | 31 Oct, 2022

Cycles as easy as they may sound, they can get a little tricky at times. This situation stands true when you wish to start using cycle gears. There are a lot of things that one needs to keep in mind when they start using a cycle with gears. For beginners, it usually is a task that requires mental effort. But once you’ve started riding it, using gears will just become a regular feature that will not require a lot of thought.

Sometimes all you will require is someone to help you figure out the basics about cycle gears. It is exactly like learning a new skill with someone’s aid. The basics will include how to shift cycle gears, which cycle gear one should be riding in and when to change that gear.

Understanding or figuring out something you haven’t done before is always a task. However, fully utilizing the geared cycle and knowing when to make that gear shift is a skill to be mastered, that shall make cycling way easier. It shall not only impact the speed of cycling but also increases the thrill of cycling.

What is the Purpose of the Cycle Gear Set?

Cycle gears are essential to maintain the rhythm of pedalling while riding at various speeds. You can make use of them in different terrains since it reduces the effort that is involved in riding. Uphill riding is made a lot easier with the help of cycle gears.

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How to Use Cycle Gears?

To use anything with perfection one needs to understand the purpose it has been designed for and what mechanism it follows. The timing involved in changing gears is also of utmost importance. While going uphill, you would need to put your cycle on the lowest gear as it eases the climb. Whereas when you’re riding on a straight road, it is recommended to ride in higher gear.  

What is a 7-Speed Cycle Gear Set?

The 7-speed bike is made for flat ground terrain and you can conquer a good amount of incline. The 7-speed bike is a great all-around bike. It has low enough gear to go up a pretty steep incline and also has the high gear to go pretty fast. It's perfect for everyday riding around town or at the beach or the park. I believe that the 7-speed bike is much more useable than the 21-speed. 

It has a single-chain ring – the round part on which the chain is placed and the pedals and cranks are attached to it. The set of cogs is termed a cassette. Since there are 7 cogs present on that cassette, it means it has 7 gears. 

The 7-speed cycle gear set is mostly present in city bikes, e-bikes, and kids’ cycles. It is easy and a little less complicated for daily commuters. 

How to use a 7-speed Cycle Gear?

To use a 7-speed cycle gear set, you will have to press the shifter while riding to switch on to a lower gear. You would need to press the smaller shifter to change to a higher gear. 

Difference between a Single Speed Cycle Gear and a 7-Speed Geared Cycle?

In a single-speed cycle, there is only one cog, which means there is a single gear whereas in a 7-speed cycle there are 7 cogs present. 

A single-speed bike is low maintenance and very easy to use. It is perfectly designed for city commutes and not for steep rides. 

A 7-speed bike can function on different terrains very smoothly. It is less effort to ride a bike with a 7-speed cycle gear set. It would require more maintenance and would need regular servicing.

The best bike – single-speed or 7-speed?

Well, that clearly depends from person to person and their riding needs and preferences. 

If riding in hilly areas is your choice, then higher geared bikes may be preferable. On the other hand, if you wish to commute on straight roads then a single-speed would also meet its purpose.

One could explore their options by trying cycling on different bikes, borrowing them or renting them.

E-bikes and Cycle Gears:

This is a wonderful combination. When a battery-operated cycle is geared it adds to the overall functionality. Thus, making the ride all the more enjoyable and effortless. Hero Lectro offers this combination in its bestseller models like Hero Lectro C7, Hero Lectro C7+, and Hero Lectro F6i to name some. 

You need to beat the traffic blues as you zip past everyone, riding your very stylish Hero Lectro e-cycle.