E-Bike Buying Guide : All You Need To Know Before Making The Electric Switch

Lectro E-BikesRabani Singh | 14 Nov, 2022

Electric bicycles are amazing. Hero Lectro e-cycles are simple to use, allow you to ride farther and faster and can improve your life in general. 

But which one should you buy? How much is the battery range? How far will you be able to ride one? All of these questions, and many more, are answered in our simple e-bike buying guide. Enjoy.

What is The Function of An Electric Cycle?

It's similar to riding a bicycle, but better because an electric bike has a battery-powered motor to help you along the way. You can ride further, travel faster, and enjoy your journeys more if you set the motor to increase pedal power. It will assist you with every pedal of every ride as there is built-in power to help you in your daily travel. 

What Places Can I Ride My Electric Bike?

The most important e-bike buying guide is whether you want to commute through the city, explore new byways, or explore the great outdoors, an e-bike is an ideal solution for all rides. Our e-bikes feature cutting-edge technology designed for pure enjoyment.

Hero Lectro Electric Bike

Why is An Electric Cycle Preferable?

If you're getting back into cycling, if you want to take the longer route home, if you want to ditch the car and pedal instead, or if you want to carry more, climb more, or simply ride more, let the e-cycle take you there. It's so simple. You can ride to improve your fitness, ride further and carry more gear, and leave the car at home to save money.

How do I Charge the Battery in My Electric Cycle?

Charging is simple, just plug and play. Our e-cycle comes with everything you need to charge at home or at the office. The right bike is paired with the right battery: the size of the battery determines how far you can travel on a single charge, as well as how much power the motor has on hand to assist you when you need it. Removable batteries are completely integrated into the frame of the bike, and battery capacity is measured in Ampere-Hour (or Ah).

How do I Get Started with An Electric Bike?

It's simple to get on board. It's as simple as pressing play. Select the power mode, pedal away, and our motors will assist in propelling you forward. The control panel in front displays all of the ride information you'll need. It's all so simple. You'll be surprised that you haven't done this before.

How far Can An Electric Bike Take Me?

How far and how fast you can go is determined by a variety of factors, including how much you pedal in the highest power mode, how hilly your ride is, and how fast you're going. When driving a car, if your foot is constantly pressed against the accelerator, you will consume more fuel.

E-bike buying guide tip: The harder you use an e-electric bike's motor, the more battery power it consumes. Not to worry, the range on our e-bikes is impressive, charging is simple, and some models even have a built-in GPS.

We've combined our best bicycle designs with the best motors and long-range battery systems to create e-bikes that are ideal for you and the type of riding you enjoy. Whatever it is and wherever you want to ride, we have you covered.

We collaborate closely with the world's leading motor manufacturers to select the best e-bike motor for the right bike. Riding an electric bike not only feels natural, but also makes you feel energized.

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What is The Proper Way to Ride An Electric Bike?

It's a simple E-bike buying guide! You hop on, press a button near the handlebars (or on the frame) to turn the bike on, and pedal away. The electric motor simply increases your pedal power to the back wheel. If you want more support or more power, you can select the appropriate power level on your e-bike by pressing another button. Do you want to go faster up a steep hill? Simply choose a higher power level. It's all very simple and straightforward.

How Does An Electric Bike Function? Where are the Motor and Battery?

It is an important e-bike buying guide - an electric bike, also known as an e-bike, rides similarly to a regular bicycle but includes a hub motor or mid-motor, a special Lithium-Ion battery, and a connected display that displays information such as speed, range, and power level. What about the battery? The battery is usually so well integrated into the frame (on the downtube) that it is not visible.

How Far Can An Electric Bike Take Me?

This answer is influenced by a variety of factors. With a full charge of your e-battery, the bike's range - the distance you can ride today. In general, the more power you want from the motor, the more energy it consumes, limiting how far you can ride your bike.

Other factors that influence e-bike range include terrain steepness, road surface, rider and kit weight, wind conditions, and more. The tip is to optimize your power level and riding style while keeping an eye on the remaining range in your battery, which is typically displayed on your bicycle's display unit.

How Long Does it Take to Charge the Battery of An Electric Bike?

It is determined by the battery's size, capacity, and type of charger. Each e-bike will come with a guide or technical manual that will explain your bike's system in detail. A 5.8Ah battery, for example, can be charged 100% in about four hours using a standard charger.

How Long do The Batteries on Electric Bikes Last?

These are made to last. The battery in your electric bike is similar to the battery in your phone. It's still a lithium battery, just larger. Furthermore, because Li-Ion batteries do not have a memory effect, there is no need to fully charge or drain the battery before recharging it for your next ride.

Where Can I See My Electric Bike's Range?

The range - the distance you can ride your e-bike - is clearly displayed on the digital display on your handlebar, or even on your smartphone. It is an important E-bike buying guide tip.

What is the Best Way to Charge my Electric Bike?

It's very straightforward. Simply charge your electric bike battery using the charging unit included with the bike and plug it into a standard domestic socket or outlet. You can charge the battery while it's still attached to your e-bike, or you can remove it and charge it separately at home or work.

Is it Possible to Charge the Battery While Pedalling?

No, you must connect and charge your battery through a regular electrical outlet or socket, just like you would charge your phone.

Is It Still Necessary for Me to Pedal An Electric Bike?

Yes, the motor increases the power of your ride, but only when you pedal. You can ride your e-bike without activating the electric assistance, and you can freewheel and cruise along just like a regular bike. It feels and rides like a regular bike, but with more power when you want it.

Can I Charge Other Devices with My Electric Bike Charger?

No, each Hero Lectro e-cycle comes with a dedicated charger with a cable and plug designed specifically for e-bikes and cannot be used for other electrical devices.

Can I Work Out on An Electric Bike?

Yes, you can; riding an e-bike is still a great way to get some exercise. Depending on how much exercise you want to do and how much power assistance from the motor, you can switch between different power modes by simply pressing a button. Remember that you must always pedal, and it can still be a great workout.

Workout on an Electric Bike - Hero Lectro

Can Electric Bicycles Climb Steep Hills?

Absolutely! Riding an e-bike allows you to travel further, power up hills, and visit places you never thought possible.

Is it Safe to Ride My Electric Bike in the Rain?

Yes, all electrical components on an e-bike are designed and constructed to be waterproof. You can safely wash your e-bike (though we do not recommend using a jet-wash or power-wash hose), allowing you to ride in all seasons.