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  • India's 1st Electric-MTB
  • Up to 35km in one charge
  • Your City Exploration Partner



  • Perfect for long joy rides
  • Up to 55km in one charge
  • Detachable battery

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We believe in simplfying mobility and transforming lives

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  • IP 67 rated Battery

    E-Cycle's powerhouse. Water & dust repellent

  • 250W Motor

    High torque BLDC. Powerful yet silent

  • 4 riding modes

    Suit your style. Throttle, Pedelec, Pedal or Cruise.


What makes Hero Lectro stand-out as the best e-bike in India?

To make our riders' journeys as comfortable as possible, we ensure that our goods are well-engineered and constructed. We aspire to make every ride electrifying and memorable. With just a single charge, our finest e-bikes can reach a top speed of 25 kmph without pedalling, making us one of the best e-bikes in India.Our e-bikes separate out from the crowd due to their high efficiency and long motor life. We have several other features including IP67 rated water repellent battery, BLDC motor, 4 riding modes, RFID Key, Bluetooth Integration, LED Headlamps, Great Suspension, Tough Geometry, 7 Speed Gears

What are the various modes of an e-cycle?

Why struggle when you can switch to throttle? Our battery-operated e-bikes offer four different modes for e-biking: Pedelec - Pedal with up to 90% electric assist, Throttle - Twist & go at 25km/hr, 100% electric, Cruise - Glide at 6km/hr, 100% electric, Pedal - Ride the conventional way. Pick the mode that suits you best. Ride all electric or in hybrid mode, as per your convenience. Rule the roads like never before. Go electric with the best e-bikes in India.

What is the maximum distance I can travel on one charging cycle?

Whether you pedal or simply utilise the throttle without pedalling, as well as the amount of assist you employ, are the two greatest factors affecting your range. We will let you know the anticipated range when you use both human pedal force and electric power. Expect most e-bikes to go 25–28 kilometres on a single charge while peddling slowly. You might even go beyond in some circumstances. The battery's capacity, the hills, the wind, and your size will all affect range. Many electric bikes are as simple to pedal as traditional cycles. Consequently, you may increase the range even farther while using little to no power. On the LED Display, you can check the battery level on the selected mode in your e-cycle.

What is the charging cycle of an e-bike?

In a battery cycle, fully discharged lithium-ion e-bike batteries require 4 to 5 hours to recharge. Batteries that are partially charged have a lesser charging cycle.

Can I ride a battery cycle like a regular bike without the electric assistance?

Yes, and switching back and forth is simple. For example, you may want to use the power only when climbing hills.

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