Know your E-bike Better

Lectro E-BikesRabani Singh | 17 Oct, 2022

What exactly is an E-bike?

Well what do we say about electric cycles, it’s the new thing, the next-gen thing. The electric majestic vehicle you will want to take a selfie with. The one choice you will ride with pride, the one choice you should make for a healthier life and a greener planet along with spending way less and saving a lot more. E-bike is a win-win for all.

Make a move with Hero Lectro e-cycles, and flaunt your smart choice. Flaunt your style, flaunt your speed, flaunt your smile, flaunt the power! And be prepared for the stares as you zip past the world in throttle and people are left in awe of what they just witnessed.

When do you think the first e-bike was invented? Well, they have become popular around the world in the last 20 years, but their history can be traced back 120 years.

The very first electric cycles were documented in the 1880s and 1890s in the patent offices in both France and the United States. Then in 1897, Hosea W. Libbey invented an e-bike with two motors, two batteries and two wheels. However, due to an explosion in the growth and popularity of fossil fuel-based automobiles and internal combustion engines, electric bicycles were left on the paper for the most part.

Now adoption of e-bikes around the world is steadily increasing over the past few years. E-bike is the only feasible answer to the complex challenges of convenient mobility solutions to match the pace of our busy lives or putting a cap on the continually increasing fuel prices and carbon emissions. Hence markets like Europe, North America, and the developed countries of Asia Pacific are seeing an increase in demand for e-cycles.

Coming to India, we believe e-bikes offer a very interesting transport solution, where almost 70% of the population does not commute beyond 20 km a day for work. Add to this the outings we do for fitness and leisure, and e-cycles sure serve as a faster, greener, and easier means to navigate through congested city roads.

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Why Choose an E-Bike?

●      Light-engineered form factor, least power loss for carrying its weight.

●      Long-lasting and durable components- BLDC Motor, Li-ion Battery, agile frame.

●      Super robust structure, the only category in EVs that can carry 4 times its weight.

●      Highly durable and reliable, yet affordable. Ride at only 7p/km.

●      Easy maintenance, saves the pain and hassles of frequenting the service centre.

●      Throttle mode, ride at 25km/hr without the need to pedalling.

●      Pedalec mode, go farther and faster. Driven by both mechanical and electric effort, this mode eliminates all range anxieties.

●      Charge anywhere. Every plug is a fuel point, no getting in line is required at pumps.

●      Ride uphill efficiently with the power of the motor.

●      Versatile & a lifestyle product. Use it for commuting, fun or fitness.

Electrifying Features of an E-Bike

Battery –

The battery is the main powerhouse of an e-bike. Our Li-ion batteries are BIS certified to ensure a longer life. And IP67 rating makes them water-repellent and provides 100% dust protection, to ensure your ride is carefree in all weathers.


Our e-bikes come fitted with high torque, 250W BLDC motor for an increased efficiency to generate more torque per watt, increased reliability, reduced noise and longer life.

Riding Modes-

Pedal: ride the conventional way, all mechanical power.

Pedelec: the new age pedal-assist technology, get electric support while you pedal.

Cruise: Glide smoothly at a constant speed of 6km/hr

Throttle: twist and go mode, no pedalling required

LED Display-

Experience the handy LED display, which allows you to control all functions of your e-bike. Be it switching the battery on-off, toggling between 4 modes or battery indicator, the IP 65-rated display sure makes controlling the bike easier in all weathers.


This hybrid solution works with a combination of pedal and battery power. You can choose the electric support you need out of 3 settings- High, Medium, and Low- to get up to 90% electric assistance. No bar either at the speed or the range. We have users covering up to 40-50 km by using pedelec efficiently.


The half-twist throttle grip on the right handlebar of the e-bike sure is one of the most exciting features. Simply twist & go at 25km/hr speed, without the need for pedalling. With PVC made, it surely lasts longer and is quite durable.


Fit your e-bike with a LED Headlamp with a projector and never go dark again. With the high-intensity lumination, you receive from the headlamp, riding early morning or late at night gets easier thus avoiding unnecessary mishaps you might encounter owing to lesser visibility. 

Disc Brakes-

Take control of the roads with disc brakes. They allow more precise braking, offer greater stopping power and don’t heat the tyre rims. You also require less effort for braking, and maintenance is pretty easy as it is placed outside the rim. All in all, very efficient and durable.

Charger with magnetic connectors-

No more fumbling around with the charger, introducing magnetic connectors for convenient contactless charging. The charging pins have a magnetic port making the cable instantly connect whenever they are brought closer. The charging port’s protective shutter auto shuts thus protecting the battery from dust and other ingresses.

Here is all the information you require regarding the electric bike revolution:

1) E-bikes make it simpler to pedal:

E-bikes are bicycles with a pedal-powered battery "assist" and, occasionally, a throttle. On a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor activates when you press the pedals, giving you a boost so you can cruise over challenging terrain and climb hills without expending too much energy.

2) They move fairly quickly—up to a point:

To a certain extent, your speed will increase with pedalling effort and boost size. So you can commute faster while still taking in the scenery.

3) Even if you already ride a lot, you'll continue to ride a lot more:

E-bikes open up a whole new world for those who don't ride frequently. Even though you might not be in shape to ride for longer than five to ten miles at a time, you can easily cover those distances with an electric assist, which is a great way to increase your endurance and confidence.

4) They may overtake automobiles:

As a means of reducing car trips, people are purchasing electric bicycles. A desire to get out from behind the wheel is also indicated by other reasons buyers listed for wanting an e-bike, such as carrying children and cargo, avoiding parking and traffic, and environmental concerns.

5) You continue to exercise:

Even though e-bikes do some of the work for you, they still count as exercise, particularly for those who are sedentary most of the time. E-biking is a great way to exercise even if you're in great shape and are very fit.

Bike Doctor Services for Your E-Bike:

●      Get your e-cycle queries resolved online

Connect with Hero Lectro Bike Doctors. Schedule an appointment for your e-cycle health and maintenance by sharing the required details. Select the date & time slot as per your availability. Our experts will call you within 24 hours of your request, on working days.

●      Get your e-cycle serviced at your doorstep

Connect with Hero Lectro Bike Doctors and schedule an appointment to examine your e-bike health and maintenance. Select the date & time slot as per your availability and our experts shall visit you and solve all your bike related queries.

●      Watch and understand your e-cycle better

Become an expert just like Hero Lectro Bike Doctors. We have multiple DIY video tutorials just for you, to assist the assembly or minor repair of your e-cycle. Select the category you seek out of the video library and let’s get started.

Tips for E-Bike Safety

In traffic, pay extra attention. The speed at which cyclists can move is already underestimated by motorists. Drivers won't anticipate you to travel at or close to their speed until e-bikes are widely available. Assuming they can't see you, ride defensively. In areas with heavy traffic, slow down. Use daytime riding lights to increase your visibility.

Pause, then proceed cautiously. You will take longer to stop because you are heavier and moving faster. Before approaching intersections, apply the brakes firmly. Don't start pulling out into traffic until it is completely clear because the bike will accelerate more quickly than usual. Additionally, the bike's weight may make you feel unsteady the first few times you start it up or when you slow to a stop.

If you’re still confused about making a purchase call, trust us it’s the perfect time to invest in one. Riding an e-bike is a joy like no other.